Chakras, human energy centres

Our bodies are only “machines” to support our minds and conscience. They are mere material “containers” for the subtle energy and information structures. Energy flows are supposed to support energoinformational structures of people. Body energy is connected to the mind energy with the help of chakras, human energy centres.
The idea of chakras came from the East as well. Chakras are supposed to transform the energy of both flows, coming from the Earth and from the Space, into a different form which is acceptable for people. They soften the coarse emanations and change them so that people can use them.
Naturally, chakras are not in the dense physical body, but in the energy body. However, each chakra is connected with the particular physical area. Therefore, if some chakras are disturbed, the corresponding body organs begin to ache.
Chakras collect the energy from two energy flows and distribute it through the energy body of a person. The work of chakras is very important as it supports the human energy cover which is like a cocoon around the body. If the human energy cover is powerful and bright, the person is healthy. Since chakras form the human energy cover, the health conditions and spiritual state depend much on how chakras work.
When a person is healthy each chakra is a small shining energy whirl. If a chakra is affected, it fades and closes like a drooping flower. This can be clearly seen on the Kirlian photos.
A human has seven major chakras situated along two central energy flows along the spine, each in a particular place. Each chakra has its own name (indicated from the top to the bottom): the 1st is Muladhara, the 2nd is Swadhisthana, the 3rd is Manipura, the 4th is Anahata, the 5th is Vishuddha, the 6th is Ajna, the 7th is Sahasrara.
Notice that all in all there are seven chakras. This is not accidental. If you think about it, it shows the beauty and harmony of the Universe. Actually, chakras correspond to seven colors and seven musical notes! Therefore, a human is like a rainbow, a human is music! It is natural for us to reach for the harmony and pure and bright light. What we have to do is set our body instrument and clean the paints of palette.
Now let us talk about each chakra in particular.
Muladhara is the root chakra. It is located in the region between the genitals and anus. This is the centre of energy collection, stability and survival. It corresponds to the red color and C note.
Swadhisthana is located in the region of pubis. It is responsible for the sexual energy and control of the energies necessary for the human life. It corresponds to the orange color and D note.
Manipura is located in the region of solar plexus, just above the belly-button. It is responsible for the vital powers and corresponds to the yellow color and E note.
Anahata is located in the region of the heart, in the middle of the chest. It is responsible for the emotion state, communication, ability to love and receive love. This is the chakra of energy exchange and balance. Through Anahata both energy flows go out partially, but the energy balance does not change, because Anahata take in free energy from the environment. This is how the exterior cover of the personal energy structure is formed. Anahata corresponds to the green color and F note.
Vishuddha is located in the region of the throat. It is the centre of the human will, communication with the environment and people. It corresponds to the blue color and G note.
Ajna is located in the region of the brain between the eyebrows. This is the famous “Third eye”.