Choice of the men

Now let's talk about the choice of the men. Of course everybody is looking for a beautiful woman. Luckily, everybody's standards of beauty are different. All other requirements differ from man to man. Someone is dreaming of a smart, intelligent, purposeful and self-reliant woman. Still, someone else is simply looking for a young blond with long legs. It does not mean that all young blonds are looking for wealthy and handsome men. Not at all. They also have different tastes and demands. The best-case scenario is the tastes of both parts coincide and demands are met. I know many women who are happy being married to much older men with average incomes. However these young women are happy because they were looking for older men from the start attracted by their maturity, experience and responsibility. These women in many cases have reached maturity themselves.
As far as twenty-year-old women are concerned, they are attracted by adventure, passion and romance in men. A twenty-year-old woman does not want to sit at home. She wants to study or advance her career. She is very sensitive to her freedom being infringed. Marriage to a young woman demands great sacrifices on the part of the spouse who has to keep up with her rhythm of life.
Dear men, please take a distanced look at you and evaluate yourself. Only then can you make a choice.
Matching up characters, views and life-styles is an important component of a happy marriage. Does it mean that a couple should share the same outlook on everything? Of course not! However if true feelings, love or at least mutual respect are present then any disagreements can be resolved. If a woman loves you, she will forgive you a lot. On the other hand, she is also counting on your love, patience and understanding. She is counting on your support.