Come in

Come in!
Hello! It's Greg, isn't it?
Yes. Hello. Greg Jones.
And I'm Julia Harris.
You remember me, don't you?
I'm the producer here at Reward TV.
I make the programmes.
It's nice to see you again, Greg.
Thanks. It's nice to see you.
OK, let's see. Yes, here's your computer;
there's a phone here.
There are pencils and paper in here.
Here's a notebook and a diary.
There's a video player there.
Have you got a mobile phone?
A mobile phone? No, sorry, I haven't.
Well, OK, there's one in the office.
Now, sit down here and fill in this form.
Right, thanks.
Oh, sorry, Julia.
I haven't got a pen. Sorry.
A pen? Look, there's one there,
near the computer.
Oh, right. Thanks. Sorry.
Surname. Jones. J-O-N-E-S.
First name. Greg. G-R-E-G.
Telephone number, day. Oh, er, Julia,
what's the telephone number here, please?
It's 0181 950 8395.
Thanks. 0181 950 …
8395. Right.
Here's the form, Julia.
Yes, that's fine. Thanks, Greg. Now, look at this.
Greg, these are the people at Reward TV.
This is Carla, Carla Mendosa. She's a reporter.
She's from America.
Right. Carla Mendosa.
This is Robert.
What does he do?
Robert's a reporter. There are two reporters at
Reward TV, Carla and Robert.
What's his second name?
Anderson, Robert Anderson.
Right. Who's this?
That's Maive, Maive O'Keefe.
Maive? Where's she from?
Well, she lives in London, but she's from Ireland. Maive's Irish.
What does she do?
Maive's the camera person. She's lovely.
We all like Maive. This is Jack.
He's the recording engineer.
So there you are.
There are five people at Reward TV:
Carla, Robert, Jack, Maive and me.
No, six! There's Carla, Robert, Jack,
Maive, me and now you!
Great, thanks, Julia.
Er, hello. This is … This is 0181 950 8395.
Is that you, Robert?
No, I'm not Robert. My name's Greg. Greg Jones.
Is Robert there?
No, he isn't. Sorry.
Oh, right. Thanks, bye.
Hello. Hello?
Hello there! Are you Greg?
I am, yes. Hello. And you're … Maive?
I am. That's right. Nice to meet you.
Hi there!
I'm Robert. Welcome. This is Jack.
Hello, Greg. You're the new trainee, aren't you?
am, yes. Hello.
What's your second name, Greg?
Jones. Greg Jones.
Well, it's very nice to meet you.
Hello, I'm Carla.
OK, everyone. It's time to watch a video.
Come on, Greg.