Darwin award: playing with cats

1996 Darwin Award Winner
2 January 1996, India

One man was killed at the Calcutta Zoo, and another mauled, when the pair crossed a moat circling a tiger enclosure to put garlands of flowers around the big cat's neck. The attack triggered panic and a near stampede in the zoo.
Prakesh and Suresh, devotees of the goddess Dugra, were drinking when they decided to worship the tiger with their innovative adaptation of a religious New Year's greeting. Shiva, a thirteen-yeard-old Royal Bengal tiger, was not in favor of the plan. He attacked Suresh when the man tossed floral tribute around his neck. Alarmed, Prakesh kicked the tiger in the face to distract him. The tiger obligingly released Suresh and killed Prakesh instead.
"I was shocked to see two young men weaving about in front of a tiger with garlands in their hands," said witness Rakesh Banerjee. "I saw it all. The tiger turned and jumped on the young man, and within moments, the man's head was dangling."