Day 76:how to be remembered long after you’re gone

Are you afraid of dying?
One of the scariest parts of anticipating death is wondering if anyone will remember you after you’re gone.
Will you have made a difference?
How many people will have been touched by your thoughts and actions?
Will the things that you built continue to live after your physical body is gone from this world?
It’s not vain or presumptuous to long for a legacy. Our drive to create things that will outlast our fragile bodies is what makes human existence beautiful and profound.
Yet it’s never been easier to have an impact on hundreds, thousands, or even millions of people that you’ve never met. The technology at our fingertips makes it possible to share our ideas, creations, and the lives we live, to build a lasting legacy that will go on for far longer than our waking lives.
Build on your passions
History remembers those who were passionate about their work; the people who combined their drive and determination with unique vision to create something compelling.
You don’t need permission to start building the remarkable or molding permanence from your passion and ideas. It takes mere hours to build a blog or a simple website that will make it easy for you to share your message with others.
Reach Out
Nobody can remember you if you never take the initial risk to initiate conversation. The timid mouse inside you might be wondering why anyone would care about your ideas when there are six and half other people staring at the same sky.
Why shouldn’t they?
Make the choice to keep your ideas to yourself or choose to share and let others use what’s inside you to spark their own imaginations. You will be remembered not for what you kept, but for how much you shared with others.
It’s Never Been Easier to Share
These days it’s easy enough to disseminate ideas and distribute the tangible fruit of your thought. The Internet makes it possible (and simple) to reach an ever-growing audience and make them laugh, cry, and think, without the bottleneck of gatekeepers and distribution logistics.
You can inspire, motivate, coach.
You can make a difference.
Our Legacy is More than What is Remembered About Us
When you’re gone, you can mingle in the memories of others, both in your body of work and the effects you had on their lives.
We all share the same 24 hours each day. Will you spend yours harnessing the power at your fingertips to share, build, and craft your legacy, or will you do nothing (and ultimately leave nothing behind)?
What will your legacy be? What steps do you take to be remembered?
Sean Platt is an author of books about life, professional ghostwriter, and awesome dad.