Day 78:how to get what you really want

Do you ever look at those who seem to have to have it all and wonder how you can make it happen for you?
Here’s the good news – you can get what you really want out of life. The bad news is that it usually takes work and dedication. The key is to learn how to maintain focus on your goals and not let yourself become distracted with things which aren’t serving them.
If we were sitting down together watching figure skating and I asked you how the skaters got to be so good, you probably wouldn’t hesitate before telling me that they practiced their tushes off. The exact same principle holds true for making your dreams come true: You have to work consistently towards your goals and keep your focus on doing what it takes to make them a reality.
Avoid distraction
It’s distressingly easy to get distracted and lose focus. Oftentimes, we’ll just shrug it off and say that life got in the way. However, if we look deeper, our failure oftentimes comes from losing faith in our ability to succeed.
To maintain focus, we have to find a way to keep a positive attitude and a belief that our efforts are productive.
Otherwise, we may be tempted to hedge our bets by splitting our focus into different areas. This can prove disastrous, as a lack of attention to the important things can make it difficult to get momentum going, which leads to more frustration and eventual abandonment of our goals.
Here’s some tips on how to achieve your goals and keep distraction at bay:
Visual success: Spend a few minutes every day visualizing what success will look like for you. This will help keep you motivated and positive.
Avoid deviating from the path: Often, when we have a good idea, we build on it and build on it until the project becomes unwieldy and we’ve gone off so many other paths, that we’ve forgotten what our true purpose was in starting out. Before adding new components, ask yourself if they help you work towards what you want or if it’s another distraction?
Take breaks: This might seem counter-intuitive but working without ever taking a break or relaxing is a recipe for burning out. Some of my best solutions to work-related problems have come to me during down-time.
Stay alert to opportunities: Many lucky breaks are really the result of people seizing opportunities. So it’s a good idea to network whenever possible and put yourself out there for others. You never know when a chance meeting will lead to a chance opportunity!
Stay focused but flexible: This might seem to contradict the advice about not going off the path, but it’s important to stay flexible. Your goals and desires can very well change over time and it’s important to respect that. Be persistent about your goals, not foolishly stubborn.
Ask for help: Don’t try to do it all on your own. It’s lonely and makes things more difficult than they have to be. You can maintain your focus by asking for help and advice at critical junctions to avoid the distraction and frustration of hitting a brick wall.
Don’t beat your head against those brick walls: Despite your best efforts, it’s likely that you’ll run into a wall or two. Instead of trying to smash them down, look for ways to go over, under, and around. In other words, adapt and always be ready to try other avenues to pursue your goals.
Successful people know that it’s important to always keep their eyes on the ball and maintain focus. It’s difficult to achieve what you want out of life unless you are committed to working consistently and productively on making your goals happen every day.