Mike: It's a wonderful shop!

Bob: It is. I always do shopping here. Here is the shopping list. Let's go to the meat counter.

Mike: What shall we buy?

Bob: We want some beef and a chicken. You know I can't do without meat.

Mike: I'm fond of dairy products.

Bob: Look! The chicken is splendid and the beef is of superior quality. Now let's go for dairy products.

Mike: All right. Here are the eggs, unsalted butter, sour milk. sour cream and bottled milk.

Bob: What's next on the shopping list?

Mike: I think juice. Let's buy apple juice.

Bob: It makes no difference for me.

Mike: Here it is. The lemons and oranges look fine. Let's have some.

Bob: Okay. Our cart is full up. Let's go to the cash register.