Doug: Hello, I’m Doug Campbell and this is 6 minute English. Today we’re talking about going on a diet. And I’m here with Jackie Dalton.
Jackie: Hi Doug, have you ever gone on a diet to try to lose weight?
Doug: No I haven’t Jackie, but I am sure if I did go on a diet, I wouldn’t be successful. It’s very, very difficult! To start the programme I have a question for you though, Jackie, about going on a diet. Well there are lots of different diets – loads of different diets, but I want to talk about one of them – the low-carb diet.
Jackie: Yes, I’ve heard of that.
Doug: Okay Jackie, if you were on a low-carb diet, you would eat…
a) less pasta
b) less fish
c) less salad
Jackie: Okay, yes, I think I do know this one because low-carb is short for lowcarbohydrate which is a food group that releases lots of energy and I know that fish is protein, salad is roughage, which is leafy stuff, and pasta is a carbohydrate so if you are eating low-carb you would cut out or cut down on
Doug: Okay, you are sure about that.
Jackie: I’m sure about that. Today, we’re going to hear from two people who have gone a diet. Were they successful? Did they lose weight?
I went on the 28 day detox diet which really helped you lose weight and detox the body at the same time and it really worked. You just ate hardly anything at all.
Jackie: Hmm. I don’t think I would like that diet.
Doug: Well he said that he did lose weight and also it was a detox diet. That’s when you eat and drink things that…it’s hard to explain…clean you inside. Fresh things. Water can be part of a detox diet
Jackie: You won’t gain weight drinking water.
Doug: Gain weight – that’s the opposite of lose weight. And with that detox diet, he did lose weight.
Jackie: And if you eat less you certainly will lose weight. He said that he ate hardly anything at all!
Doug: I don’t like the sound of that diet!
Jackie: When you go on a diet you need to be strong. You mustn’t say, “Oh I’ll start my diet…tomorrow!” Yes, you need a lot of will-power.
Doug: Right, you can eat some things but maybe not the things you like. There is no such thing as a chocolate cake diet for instance …unfortunately! You’re listening to BBC Learning
Doug: Here’s another diet. Listen to this woman. Was her diet successful? Did it work?
When I was in my twenties I went on a diet where you were only allowed to drink liquids and it worked. It worked for a week. I lost 6 pounds and then over the weekend I just ate normally again. And by Monday morning I put all the weight back on again and so it was completely pointless.
Doug: Oh dear, that diet didn’t work.
Jackie: Yes, she said it was a waste of time. It was completely pointless.
Doug: Well it worked….for a week! But that’s the problem with diets. You lose weight but then you often put the weight back on.
Jackie: And again, that diet sounded awful, if not unhealthy. She could only drink liquids.
Doug: According to experts you can’t just go on a diet for a couple of weeks and expect to keep that weight off. You need to change what you eat permanently. You have to change your lifestyle.
Jackie: And of course you should always get the advice of your doctor before you do this kind of thing. And they might suggest you eat different foods. Stay away from fattening foods like cakes and chips.
Doug: All the foods we like.
Jackie: All the foods we like!
Doug: You can get more advice on this from the BBC Website in an article called “How to Lose Weight”.