E-mail scam

M : Hello everyone! Welcome to EnglishPod. My name is Marco.
C : My name is Catherine. And today we’re talking about something that is well not so fun when it happens.
M : That’s right. Today we’re gonna talk about those situation where people are trying to take advantage of us.
C : All right. They’re lying to us. They can take our money. Let’s take a listen to today’s dialogue. When we come back in a moment, we’ll be talking about some of the words and phrases that you’re about to hear.
M : All right. We’re back. Let’s take a look at some language on language takeaway.
Language Takeaway
C : In language takeaway Marco,one of the first thing we hear is I got an urgent email from Tom.
M : That’s right. This is an adjective. Something that is urgent.
C : It is urgent. That means it needs to be look up immediately. It is very important.
M : That’s right. So you can have an urgent email that means very important email or something, a situation can be urgent.
C : Yeah, Like an emergency. So urgent care we talk about at the hospital, something that it needs to be look up by a doctor immediately or urgently.
M: That’s right. Urgently that will be an adverb. Now we go on to say that “ the email is urgent because it is from Tom ”. And the email said that “ He is in London and he got robbed ”.
C : All right. He got robbed. All right. So to rob is the verb r-o-b. But here is important to look up the verb “ got ”. This means that whatever happening, it happens to him, to the friend by someone else.
M : That’s right.
C : So someone robbed him. All right. He got robbed. That means someone took his money right?
M : That’s right. So the verb will be to get and robbed will be adjective ending “ed”. But we also have the verb “to rob”. If you rob someone, that means you are stealing his or her money.
C : Yeah, If I rob Marco, it means I take Marco’s money from him. But If I got robbed by Marco, it means he took my money.
M : That’s right. So remember if you use the word “to rob”, by itself that means you are doing the action or someone is stealing from another person. But If you get robbed or a person got robbed, that means he or her got money taken from him.
C : Now the friend got robbed. Someone took his money. And we’ve been asked to wire him some money. OK. To wire money.
M : That’s right. To wire money. This basically means to send money. It is very old way of form of sending money.
C : Basically you’re sending money electronically. You don’t actually bind an envelope and put some money in it and send it in a mail. You go to a bank or western union and you transfer the money electronically.
M : That’s right. So to send an electronic transfer of money, usually say “you wire someone some money”,
C : Yeah, I wire it to you.
M : That’s right. All right. Now continuing on the main topic of today lesson is about people trying to scam other people.
C : All right. Here are the verb “to scam” means “to lie or to be dishonest with someone so that you can take their money or to take advantage of them”.
M : That’s right.To scam that means to take advantage of someone, to lie to someone. You also have a scam, a noun which is you know a situation where people are trying to take your money.
C : So very famous scam might be people in a big city like Paris say “ooh, I’m tourist. Can you help me? Can you give me some money to go to the train station? ” Really these people they are not lost. They just want you to give them money.