Eleven.(health) the doctor’s office

Patient: Hi, this is Carlo Pirelli calling. I need to see the doctor immediately.
Receptionist: Is this an emergency?
P: Yes, I have a terrible stomachache and a fever.
R: Is this your first time in this office?
P: No, I’m a regular patient.
R: Go ahead and come in right away.
P: Hi, my name is Carlo Pirelli.
R: Yes. Take a seat right here for a moment.
Nurse: Hello. Let me take your temperature and blood pressure.
P: Sure.
N: Well, your temperature is a little high,
but your blood pressure is perfect for your age.
P: That’s good to hear.
N: The doctor will be right in.
P: Thanks.
Doctor: Mister Pirelli, I hear you’re in pain.
P: Yes. I have a stomachache and I feel a little dizzy.
D: Does it hurt if I press here?
P: Yes.
D: Take a deep breath. It doesn’t seem to be anything serious.
You probably just have the flu. There’s a virus going around.
Don’t worry about it.
P: So, there’s nothing I can do?
D: Go home, rest and drink lots of fluids.
If you don’t feel better in a couple of days, come back to see me.
P: Thanks.