Five. (the weather, seasons, months and days) at a coffee shop

Jim: I need some hot coffee. I’m so cold!
An: I know. I think my feet are frozen.
Waitress: Are you ready to order?
J: Yes, some coffee, please.
A: Tea with lemon for me, please.
W: Cream and sugar with your coffee, sir?
J: Yes, please.
W: Just a minute.
J: What’s the weather forecast for today?
A: Chance of snow and temperatures in the teens until Tuesday.
Oh, no! How can you stand Boston winters?
J: Good question. I bet you miss Vietnam. What’s the weather like there now?
A: Around seventy degrees. It’s warm in January, but it rains a lot.
J: Well, I prefer rain to snow and ice.
W: Here’s your coffee and tea. I hope it warms you up!