Floral baths

Floral Baths

The Romans, Egyptians and oriental women were known to have very fastidious beauty and bathing routines. For them, bathing was a major social event. They also promoted the healing powers of warm water to which various herbs, salts and flowers were added, thus ensuring health-giving qualities to their baths.
MIXED HERBS AND LEAF BATH : — Take a handful of bay leaves. rosemary and chamomile leaves. Put all these together in a piece of muslin. Tie it tight and soak this bundle in your bathtub or water bucket in slightly warm water for half an hour. The fragrance permeates into the water. Remove the bundle of muslin and gently rub it all over your body and then bathe with the fragrant water. This bath is most relaxing and helps tone up the body.
FLORAL BATH :- Chamomile flowers, rose petals or fragrant tube roses. even agrimony, wrapped in a muslin cloth or bag. soaked in water would have the same toning and smoothening effect upon your skin.
MILK BATH :- A traditional elaborate bath that literally 'feeds' your skin! Considered to be the very height of luxury, it was used by Nero's wife. Poppaea, and has since been a favorite over the years. Poppaea bathed in donkey's milk and water. Several innovations have been introduced to make tills a fascinating bath regime. It's easily made at home.
Take Half Litre Milk. To this add 2 tablespoons of honey. Add strained chamomile juice or the juice of crushed rose petals obtained by infusing them in water. Mix all these and pour the mixture into warm bath water. Soak yourself in the bathtub. or keep pouring slowly over your body. rubbing all over. Be leisurely about this. After the milk and flower water has been used up. You could bathe with normal cold water
BATH FOR DRY SKIN :- Take 200 ml. of glycerin. and add to this 200 ml. of rose water. Pour this in a bottle. Smear this all over your body and beginning at the neck, start rubbing it in gently as you go downwards, to your arms. torso, legs and back. Continuously massage the mixture into your skin. nourishing it. Once the solution is absorbed into the skin take a normal bath using a glycerin-based soap.
ALM0ND BATH :- This is also an ideal solution for people with a dry skin. It should be used especially during severe winters when even normal and oily skins tend to dry up. You should use this treatment instead of soap. Take a piece of muslin. crush a few almonds and tie them in it. Wet your body: rub this almond bag allover your body vigorously. Keep adding a little water and continue scrubbing. This immediately exfoliates without damaging your skin and at the same time it nourishes the skin with its natural oils.
VINEGAR BATH :- Those with an oily skin problem should definitely try this. Take a mug water and add to it a little malt vinegar. Mix well and massage your body with this diluted vinegar water. Take a bath with cold water and feel the difference.