Four. (clothing, colors and size) in a department store

Sharon: Oh I love the clothes in this store, but they cost way too much.
Pat: I know but I need a dress for Robin and Mike’s wedding.
What do you think of this one?
S: Now, that is gorgeous, and you look great in blue.
P: But I like this red one, too.
S: Well, try both of them on.
P: Is there a size ten in blue?
S: Yes, right here.
The fitting rooms are around the corner, by the children’s department.
S: I like the blue.
P: And it’s comfortable too. Is it too short, though?
S: No. You look beautiful, really.
P: Thanks. Excuse me, how much is this dress?
Clerk: You’re lucky. All women’s fashions are on sale today.
Let’s see… this dress is twenty five percent off.
P: I’m convinced. I even have shoes to match.
S: That’s reason enough right there.