Her wish to become young was too great

Her Wish To Become Young Was Too Great

This is a story about an old woman and an old man. They lived near a fine green wood. One summer day the old man went to the wood to pick mushrooms. It was a hot day and the man soon got tired and thirsty, but there was no water in the wood. So he sat down under the tree to rest.
Everything around him was so fresh and fine, but he was so old and sad. He wanted to return the days when he was young and fine.
Suddenly he saw a little spring near him. He was very glad, as he was very thirsty. He began drinking the water. Soon he felt that he became younger and in a few minutes he was a fine young man again.
He went home to tell his wife about the spring. When his wife heard the story, she ran to the wood quickly, though she was very old.
It was very late, but the old woman didn’t return home. So the old man went to the wood to meet her. When he came up to the spring, he saw a little girl. She was very glad to see him, as she did not know how to get home. It was his wife. The man thought, “My wife wanted to became young so much that she drank too much water.

1. Who is this story about?
2. What kind of day was it?
3. Where did the old man sit down to rest?
4. What did the old man want?
5. The old man became younger, didn’t he?