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Ben Counter
The Horus Heresy. Galaxy In Flames

Ben Counter
The Horus Heresy. Galaxy In Flames


The Primarchs
Commander of the Sons of Horns Legion
ANGRON Primarch of the World Eaters
FULGRIM Primarch of the Emperor's Children
MORTARION Primarch of the Death Guard
The Sons of Horus
EZEKYLE ABADDON First Captain of the Sons of Horus
TARIK TORGADDON Captain, 2nd Company, Sons of Horus
IACTON QRUZE, 'THE HALF-HEARD' Captain, 3rd Company, Sons of Horus
HORUS AXIMAND, 'LITTLE HORUS' Captain, 5th Company, Sons of Horus
SERGHAR TARGOST Captain, 7th Company, Sons of Horus, lodge master
GARVIEL LOKEN Captain, 10th Company, Sons of Horus
Luc SEDIRAE Captain, 13th Company, Sons of Horus
TYBALT MARR, 'THE EITHER' Captain, 18th Company, Sons of Horus
KALUS EKADDON, CAPTAIN Catulan Reaver Squad, Sons of Horus
FALKUS KIBRE, 'WIDOWMAKER' Captain, Justaerin Terminator Squad, Sons of Horus
NERO VIPUS Sergeant, Locasta Tactical Squad, Sons of Horus
MALOGHURST 'THE TWISTED' Equerry to the Warmaster
Other Space Marines
EREBUS First Chaplain of the Word Bearers
KHARN Captain, 8th Assault Company of the World Eaters
NATHANIAL GARRO Captain of the Death Guard
Lucius Emperor's Children swordsman
SAUL TARVITZ First Captain of the Emperor's Children
EIDOLON Lord Commander of the Emperor's Children
FABIUS BILE Emperor's Children Apothecary
The Legio Mortis
PRINCEPS ESAU TURNET Commander of the Dies Irae, an Imperator-class Titan
MODERATI PRIMUS CASSAR One of the senior crew of the Dies Irae
MODERATI PRIMUS ARUKEN Another of the Dies Irae's crew
Non-Astartes Imperials
MECHANICUM ADEPT REGULUS Mechanicum representative to Horus, he commands the Legion's robots and maintains its fighting machines
ING МАЕ SING Mistress of Astropaths
KYRIL SINDERMANN Primary iterator
MERSADIE OLITON Official remembrancer, documentarist
EUPHRATI KEELER Official remembrancer, imagist
PEETER EGON MOMUS Architect Designate
MAGGARD Maloghurst's civilian enforcer



The Emperor protects
Long night
The music of the spheres
'I WAS THERE,' said Titus Cassar, his wavering voice barely reaching the back of the chamber. 'I was there the day that Horus turned his face from the Emperor,’
His words brought a collective sigh from the Lec-titio Divinitatus congregation and as one they lowered their heads at such a terrible thought. From the back of the chamber, an abandoned munitions hold deep in the under-decks of the Warmaster's flagship, the Vengeful Spirit, Kyril Sindermann watched and winced at Cassar's awkward delivery. The man was no iterator, that was for sure, but his words carried the sure and certain faith of someone who truly believed in the things he was saying.
Sindermann envied him that certainty.
It had been many months since he had felt anything approaching certainty.
As the Primary Iterator of the 63rd Expedition, it was Kyril Sindermann's job to promulgate the Imperial Truth of the Great Crusade, illuminating those worlds brought into compliance of the rule of the Emperor and the glory of the Imperium. Bringing the light of reason and secular truth to the furthest flung reaches of the ever-expanding human empire had been a noble undertaking.
But somewhere along the way, things had gone wrong.
Sindermann wasn't sure when it had happened. On Xenobia? On Davin? On Aureus? Or on any one of a dozen other worlds brought into compliance?