My name is Natalia. I am 17. I was born in 1993 in Grodno.
It is both pleasant and a bit difficult to speak about myself. It is pleasant because every person enjoys speaking about his or her interests, likes or dislikes. But at the same time it is difficult because to study a person, especially yourself. But still I can tell you a little bit about my character and my interests.
I responsible , reasonable and patient, but at the same time I lazy, importunate and passive person.I don't like to he and I feel when others do. I try not to be late and I hate when others don't come on time.I prefer to associate with clever and polite people. It is very annoying when somebody whom I trust turns out to be unreliable.
Now I am a student. My future profession is related to information technology. In my free time I like watching TV and of course I like music! I like different styles.