I love you

Sara grasped the sopping wet doll with her muddy fists as she sat curled up in a ball as her drunk mother beat her with rage.'Stop it !' screamed Sara,as her mother continued her unwanted beating.'Why should I?!' her mother replied.Sara was only in fifth grade,and she received abuse from her adoptive mother.As long as Sara could remember,her mother had beat her everyday. Although,her real mother was nothing like this. Her real mother loved her and cared for her. It was different for the first few years of her life. Until that tragic day,the day that her mother slipped from her grasp and fell into the wonderful hands of Heaven. Sara missed her mother very much and often longed to be with her.She wished that she would somehow come back to life. But she understood this was impossible to revive a human from death.Sara,blood dripping from her trembling body,looked up at her attacker with loving,forgiving eyes as she breathed her last breath of air. She faintly said 'I love you.'