«ikea parnas» grand opening

Following the old Russian tradition – a cat should be the first to enter a new house – IKEA decided to choose among St. Petersburg cats the most “homey” one. The competition consisted of 3 rounds, and the final one was held on November, 27 at the preliminary opening of “IKEA Parnas”. The journalists chose the winner – cat Sultan, Neva Masquerade breed.
The grand opening ceremony for the customers was held on December, 1. The day started with ceremonial breakfast during which representatives from IKEA, administration of Leningrad region and Swedish Consulate in St. Petersburg delivered congratulatory speeches. Instead of the usual ribbon cutting ceremony, the participants were suggested to saw a log. After that cat Sultan entered the store and opened it to the first buyers.
Event for 3000 people.
Aim: to show that IKEA is the shop “for your home”