In cafe

WAITER Would you like to order?
MIA Yes, please. Can we have two margherita pizzas and a tuna salad, please?
WAITER What would you like to drink?
MIA We’d like a bottle of red wine, please.
WAITER Anything else?
MIA Yes, a bottle of sparkling mineral water.
WAITER Of course.
TOBY Wait! I’d like a mixed salad, please.
WAITER Ok, so two pizzas, and two salads.
MIA Yes, that’s right.
TOBY Mia. have you got the … ?
MIA Yes, of course! Amy, this is a present from me and Toby. Happy Birthday!
AMY Thank you! Ah.
TOBY What’s wrong? Do you like it?
AMY Yes, I love it. But I’ve got this CD …
MIA Oh no!

MIA Excuse me.
WAITER Yes. Would you like anything else?
MIA Yes, please. We’d like three coffees.
WAITER Three coffees.
MIA And can we have the bill, please?
WAITER Yes, of course.
AMY That was great. Now, this afternoon … I need a film for my camera.
TOBY We can come with you. Then we can change the CD as well.
AMY That’s a good idea, thanks.