My husband, "James," and I have been married only three years. We are both in our 20s.
Everything is really great between us — except our sex life. As far as he is concerned that's fine,
too, but I am not satisfied. It may seem odd to hear the female wants to have sex more frequently
than a young and healthy male, but that's the case in our relationship.
Abby, I work with the public and I get frequent remarks about what a beautiful woman I am. This
makes it hard for me to believe that I don't attract him at all. I have expressed many times that I
wish we were more intimate. I have even expressed it to him in more than one letter, hoping to
reach him.
I am at a total loss as to how to make him realize how important this is to me. Is there something
wrong with my body? I just don't know who to turn to for advice on this subject. Please help me.