Law of ukraine on the protection of economic competition

Law of Ukraine
(As of 11 January 2001)
The present Law shall define legal grounds for the maintenance and protection of economic competition, for the limitation of monopolism in economic activities and shall be directed towards ensuring the efficient functioning of the economy of Ukraine on the basis of the development of competitive relations.
Article 1. Terms Defined
For the purposes of the present Law the following terms and their definitions shall be used: economic competition (competition) denoting such a contest among economic entities with a view to gaining advantages over other economic entities thanks to their own achievements that results in the situation where consumers and economic entities have an opportunity to choose from among several sellers, buyers, whereas an individual economic entity is not able to set conditions for the turnover of products on the market;
information denoting knowledge in any form, of any type, fixed in any media (including correspondence, books, notes, illustrations (maps, diagrams, organigrams, pictures, schemes, etc.), photographs, holographs, cine-films, videofilms, microfilms, sound records, computer system databases or the complete or partial reproduction of their elements), explanations given by persons, and any knowledge that is publicly announced or documented;
control denoting such a decisive impact on economic activities of an economic entity or its part that is exerted by one or more than one related legal and (or) natural persons directly or through other persons, in particular by: the right to own or use all the assets or their considerable part; the right ensuring a decisive impact on the formation, voting results, and decisions of managing bodies of the economic entity; the conclusion of such agreements and contracts that make it possible to set conditions for economic activities, to give binding instructions or to perform functions of the managing body of the economic entity; the occupation of the position of the head, a deputy head of the supervisory board, the board of directors or of other supervisory or executive board of the economic entity by such a person that occupies one or several of the mentioned positions at other economic entities; the occupation of more than half of the positions of members of the supervisory board, the board of directors, other supervisory or executive boards of the economic entity by such persons that occupy one or several of the mentioned positions at another economic entity. Legal and (or) natural persons who jointly or concertedly perform economic activities, including those which jointly or concertedly impact on economic activities of the economic entity, shall be considered as related;
small or medium-sized entrepreneur denoting an economic entity whose total income (proceeds) from the sale of products (goods, work, services) in the last financial year or whose total assets do not exceed such a sum equivalent to 500,000 euros that is defined in accordance with an exchange rate to be set by the National Bank of Ukraine and to be effective on the last day of the financial year if there are competitors having significantly larger shares in the given market;
monopolisation denoting the acquisition of a monopoly (dominant) position on the product market, the maintenance or strengthening of that sort of position;