Lesson 12: holidays

I just booked my trip to Thailand on an online travel website and
printed out my e-ticket. I had made a decision to go there on a spur of
the moment decision because my schedule had recently opened up. I
had gotten in a little bit of a rut so decided a little spontaneity in my life
couldn’t hurt. Also, I was growing very weary of the cold weather and
thought it would be nice to hit the beach. I was really excited to be in
the water and feel the waves again. Hopefully my accommodations
will be good. I booked them online as well and have only seen the
pictures. The pictures look good on the website but I’ll be pretty angry
if it is some sort of a scam. Oh well I guess I’ll see when I get there.
Sometimes, if you want to be spontaneous you have to role the dice.
Key vocabulary and phrases that are discussed in the podcast:
e-ticket – electronic ticket that can be printed
spur of the moment – a decision made quickly without having thought about it before
schedule opened up – schedule is now clear and you have no commitments
rut – a feeling of doing the same thing too often and not having changes in your life.
You often start to feel bored in your life when you are in a rut
spontaneity – the idea of someone being able to do things without having to plan for a
long time
couldn’t hurt – here means that spontaneity should be a good idea.
hit the beach – go to the beach
scam – to lie or deceive someone for profit or gain
rolling the dice – is a kind of gambling game and is an expression used to show that you
are taking a risk or a chance.