Manners and friendship in the usa and u.k

When meeting someone new, Americans and English usualy have certain manners:
-Look them in the eyes.
-Say "Hello". My name is/ I'm … It's nice to meet you, …" (Say their names.)
-Stand up when a grown-up enters the room.
Men and boys do not offer their hand to shake unless the girl or lady offer theirs. When they talk to grown-up, use their titles: "Yes, Mrs. Brown." "No, Doctor White."
Do you know that the only formally correct way to address people in Great Britain is 'Madam" and "Sir"? Schoolboys and schoolgirls call their teacher "Sir", if it is a man. And if the teacher is a woman, they say "Miss".
Say: "Sorry" or "Excuse me", or "I beg your pardon", if you don't understand.
Some topics of conversation or things they might talk to a new friend about may include:
-What do you do?
-Where do you go to school?
-What are yoour hobbies, favourite things to do?
-Do you play any sports?
-What are your favourite movies, books, songa, musical groups, etc.?

Guard !
-Don't interrupt your new friends, while they are talkin. Wait for a pause in the conversation.
-Don't talk too loud or get too close to your new friend. Generally stay about one arm's lengh away.