Msu faculty of mechanics and mathematics

Mathematics has always been the basis of natural science and, together with mechanics, it is the basis of all engineering sciences and the main means to investigate laws of the Universe.
Lectures on Mathematics have been given at Moscow University since its opening in 1755. The Department of Physics and Mathematics was first mentioned in the 1804 Charter.
By the beginning of the 20th century the Moscow University school of mathematics became world-known. Its success was due to the work of its founder D. F. Yegorov and his pupils and followers N. N. Luzin, I. I. Privalov, and V. V. Stepanov. The Moscow University school of mechanics owed its fame to the works of N. E. Zhukovsky and S. A. Chaplygin.
In 1933 Moscow University was reorganized, several new faculties were established, among them the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics. A great role in its establishment and further development belonged to Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR V. V. Golubev, academicians I. G. Petrovsky, A. N. Kholmogorov, P. S. Aleksadrov.
Our graduates have contributed to the development of academic science in Russia, at the same time many members of the Academy of Sciences have taught at the faculty. At present there are 7 academicians and 6 corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Sciences heading our departments and laboratories.
Traditionally, our students are taught not the methods to solve a particular problem but the ability to think and make decisions independently and to extract and analyze information from various sources. That is why our graduates are able to go into any problem in almost every professional sphere: from IT to finance, from business management to politics.
Nowadays the role of mathematics in the system of human knowledge has grown considerably. Mathematical methods are applied to design nuclear reactors, to study the structure of crystals and molecules of chemical substances, to predict the location of mineral deposits, to forecast the weather. Mathematical methods can help to analyze economic changes and optimize the management of economy, to diagnose illnesses, to decipher ancient manuscripts, to substantiate sociological survey results. Mathematical methods are seen as the basis for IT, which is said to have changed the modern world. The most abstract branches of mathematics, such as mathematical logic, functional analysis, topology, modern algebraic theories, have recently found a number of practical applications too.
The system of mathematical sciences itself has undergone dramatic changes. New mathematical disciplines have appeared, for example, homological algebra, differential geometry, computational geometry. Such fields of mathematics as mathematical logic, probability theory, optimal control theory have been seriously changed.
MSU scientists have greatly contributed to the most important areas of mathematics. MSU school of mathematics is a recognized authority in the world and a leading centre of mathematical sciences in Russia.
Mechanics is a cornerstone of engineering. Scientists investigate and develop mathematical models of motion and interaction of bodies and particles as well as mass interaction, they study mechanical characteristics of various media. Without dealing with a particular design, specialists in mechanics create a theoretical basis to apply in other sciences, in engineering and in industry. The achievements of MSU school of mechanics are world-recognized, they have influenced the development of modern mechanical engineering.