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The Cursed Blade
Ryan Miller and Team
24 октября 2011 г.

A collection of
Journal entries
And other

Written by

Ryan Miller (Lead)
Jenna Helland
Matt Tabak
Bruce Cordell
Josh Brauer

* * *

* * *

(Letter from Lorelei Garensun)

32nd of Hunter's Moon, Ava. 719

I knew it was the right thing to do, I knew it was what Pitre would have wanted. Beheading is the only way to keep someone from turning, and there was no way to be sure whether he had been bitten or not. But now my hands are forever stained, so I have decided to turn them over to Avacyn.

For these reasons, and many more, I beseech you to admit me to your humble order. I have no reason to remain here in Gavony.

Your sister in Avacyn,


* * *

(Journal of Raben Amsel, Cathar Adept)

60th of Hunter's Moon, Ava. 719

This book was once a place of solace for me. A refuge. Now that its prayers have somehow faded from its pages, I cannot help but think that it is a sign that Avacyn has forsaken me.

My father has sent me on a mission for yet another of the weapons. I haven't the heart to tell him that each of these quests has proven to be near fatal. I cannot let him down — is it heresy to say that I fear his disappointment more than Avacyn's?

He has given me the name of a village: Hanweir. After a long journey, and a short battle with a band of brigands, I arrived this night to the shuttering of windows and closing of doors. Whether this place is cursed as its inhabitants believe remains to be seen. The curse of mistrust is flourishing, however.

So this book, once a place I went to for enlightenment, now becomes a place that will hopefully enlighten others. For I have little doubt that this is my final sortie. If I do not return, I pray to Avacyn that this book finds its way back home.

Father, if you are reading this, I am sorry for failing you.

* * *

* * *

(Letter from Pitre the Thatcher)

Dearest Lorelei,

You will not understand why I am leaving, which is why I have left in the night, this letter being my only explanation.

The awful truth is that I have not earned the town's accolades. The vampire I killed was just a whelp who I caught unawares while he was feeding on the chickens.

He didn't even see me, and that's how I was able to take his head off with my spade. I do not think he ever knew what happened!

When I took the head to the mayor, I was set on telling him the truth. Once he saw the fangs poking out from the horrid thing's mouth, he started a big fuss, and before I knew it, he dragged me out into the square and announced my supposed victory to all.

I've been caught up in all this mess, and living with the truth has driven me to near madness. I'm going to Erdwald in Nephalia to find a real vampire, and kill it. I cannot live with myself, nor marry you, until I have fulfilled the destiny that has been attributed to me.



11th of Hunter's Moon, Ava. 719

* * *

* * *

(Letter from Pitre the Thatcher)

Dearest Lorelei,

It has been a harrowing journey, to be sure. Erdwald is so much bigger than Hanweir! I fear my life has ill prepared me for such a place as this.