«my language» by haydn evans

Welsh is a Celtic language that is spoken in the principality of Wales, with a speakers in Patagonia in the south of Argentina. It is very different from English. For example, ‘Welcome to Wales’ is ‘Croesu i Cymru’ in Welsh.
The Celts arrived in Europe in the fifth century BC. When the Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain, the British Celts moved west and northwards. Before the sixteenth century, Wales had a rich literary tradition and everybody in Wales spoke Welsh.
After the unification of Wales with England in 1536, Welsh was banned and it declined rapidly. Until the 1960s, Welsh was not taught in schools and English was the only official language. A few years ago only 500,000 out of a population of nearly three million spoke Welsh and the people thought that the language was dying out.
However, now it is growing again: Welsh is used in government, there is a Welsh TV station and it is now taught in nearly all schools.