Nineteen (hobbies) love the neighbors

Louise: Hello, neighbor. Long time no see. You look great.
John: Well, I started exercising three times a week.
L: Good decision. I should take up regular exercise as well.
J: But you do all this gardening. With a lot of success, by the way.
Your roses are beautiful this year.
L: Thanks. I enjoy working in the garden so much, it doesn’t even feel like exercise.
J: How’s your husband?
L: Fine. He started redoing the rec-room this weekend.
I hope all the hammering didn’t bother you.
J: Oh, not at all. Peter and I went hiking. We weren’t even around to feel disturbed.
L: Lucky you. It sure bothered me. I couldn’t get any reading done.
J: Still into reading mysteries?
L: You bet.
J: Well, don’t let the bad guys get away!
L: I won’t. See you around.
L: Bye!