Oleg's working day

Oleg's working day
You know Oleg lives with his family in Danilovo. He is a pupil of the 10th form.
Oleg is very busy on weekdays. Every morning he goes to school. The school is not so far from Danilovo. It is on the nearest farm. The boy goes there in a bus. The bus takes boys and girls and carries them to school.
Here is Oleg's working day. The alarm clock rings at 7 o'clock and Oleg gets up. He does his morning exercises at the open window, washes and dresses. Oleg's mother gets up an hour before Oleg. She prepares breakfast for the family. After breakfast Oleg leaves home. The bus is waiting for the children near the shop. Oleg goes to school with his friends. He stays at school till 2 or 3 o'clock. Then he comes home. His mother waits for him. They have dinner. After dinner he rests a little or helps his mother or father. Then he does his homework in different subjects: in English, history, mathematics, physics and others.
Sometimes Ofeg stays at school a little longer. There is a good library there. Oleg likes to work in the library. He often does his homework there.
In the evening Oleg likes to stay at home. He watches TV, listens to the radio or reads a book. He sometimes goes for a walk with his friends. On Saturday and Sunday Oleg often goes to the club.