On a rainy day

The weather was bad yesterday. It began to rain early in the morning. We had five umbrellas at home, but when I wanted to take one, I saw they were all broken. I decided to take all the five umbrellas to the umbrella-maker. So I took them there and said, “I’ll be back for my umbrellas on my way in the evening”.
In the afternoon I went to have lunch. I entered the café, sat down at the table and began to eat. After a few minutes a young lady came in and sat down at the table. I finished my lunch, got up and took her umbrella by mistake. But she said, “This isn’t your umbrella. It’s mine”. I saw my mistake and said, “Oh, excuse me, it’s yours, of course. I’m very sorry”. “That’s all right”, she answered laughing.
In the evening I went to the umbrella-maker and took all five umbrellas. Then I bought a newspaper and got on a bus. The young lady was on that bus, too. She looked at my five umbrellas and said, “Not a bad day for you, eh?”