Reddy's funny stories — a nice day

We are in the house today. It is raining.
Pinky likes the cupboard. Now she is sleeping in the cupboard. Blackie likes the sofa. Now he is sitting on the sofa. I like the chair. Now I am playing with my tail under the chair.
"Can I play with you?" asks Blackie.
"But I am playing with my tail," I say. "I can't play with my tail and with you."
Blackie is sad. He wands to play and he plays with his tail.
Pinky wakes up. She comes out of the cupboard and looks at us.
"What are you doing?" she asks.
"We are playing with our tails," we answer.
"But it is not good. Can't you play together?" asks Pinky.
"How can we? Reddy is playing with his tail and I am playing with mine," says Blackie.
Pinky thinks and thinks and she says:
"You can play together. You, Blackie, can play with Reddy's tail, And you, Reddy, can play with Blackie's tail."
"You are very clever," Blackie and I say.
Pinky is very happy. Blackie and are happy, too. Now we are all playing together. Pinky is playing with my tail, I am playing with Backie's tail and Blackie is playing with Pinky's.
What a nice day!