Search and rescue dogs

A: There's a program on TV tonight about search and rescue dog. Do you want to watch it with me?
B: I know about guide dogs. But I don't know anything about search and rescue dogs. What does "search" mean? What does "rescue" mean?
A: Search means "look for". Rescue means "to help someone in a dangerous situation." The dogs are called SAR dogs.
B: What do these dogs do?
A: When there is a disaster, like an earthquake or a flood, they help the workers find missing people. The save people's lives.
B: How do they do that?
A: They have a great sense of smell. They can find things that people can't.
B: Do they need a lot of training?
A: I think they need at least one year of training.
B: What kind of dogs do they use as SAR dogs?
A: They usually use large, strong dogs. Labrador retrievers or golden retrievers are often SAR dogs. Let's watch the program together tonight.
B: What time does it begin?
A: At 9 p.m.
B: Does your dog want to watch the program with us?
A: My dog is a lazy, spoiled Chihuahua. She just wants to eat, play, and sleep.