Seasons and weather

Every season is good in its own away. The weather depends on the geographical position of the country.
Consider that the weather changes with the changing of the seasons and the first changing season is autumn.
In autumn the sky is often cloudy; the sun hides behind the clouds and then appears again. Its rays have already lost their strength, and the sun is not so bright as it was in summer. The air can be moist. Days get shorter and nights — longer. In late autumn the frost covers the ground at night. As autumn is rainy season, the weather is mostly dull. And of course, we don't like rain of any kind, even if it just drizzles. But there is a spell of sunny weather in late September, which we call Indian summer, when the sky is cloudless and there is a carpet of multicolored leaves on the ground. But in any case nature fades away and nothing can be done about it. I must confess, I don't like autumn, but a lot of people say, that it is the time of harvesting tasty fruit and vegetables, the time of the beautiful golden leaves, the time when nature is very attractive.
In winter the sun seldom shins: its rays are pale; it sets early and rises late. The air is frosty; large snowflakes slowly fall to the ground; the streets are slippery with a thick sheet of ice, they are frozen. The icicles glitter in the sun; the temperature falls, and snow may fall thick. Going out in such weather is not pleasant, but children enjoy throwing snowballs and making a snow man. Their cheeks are burning with frost.
But the end of winter the snow begins to melt. Thaw sets in. The sun grows warmer, and soon there won't be any ice but plenty of water. The rivers are in flood.
Nature awakens from its long winter sleep. The trees begin to bud an soon tiny green leaves will appear. Thin new blades of grass come up, the fruit trees begin to blossom. "April showers bring May flowers", as saying goes.
Trees, bushes and fields look magic covered with green carpet. The farmers till the soil and sow the seed. Nature looks full of promise!
After spring comes summer. In fact, sometimes the heat is oppressive. But people usually like summer because the have their holidays an enjoy resting after their hard work.
In my opinion every season is beautiful and attractive.