Seventeen (the holiday season) planning the holidays

Ingrid: I just finished sending all my Christmas cards.
And except for the sweater I want to give my husband, I even have all my gifts.
Bob: Congratulations. This will be a very lonely holiday season for me.
I: I thought your brother and his wife were coming to visit you for Hanukkah.
B: No, I just spoke to them. They’re just too busy to travel this year.
I: Well, if you want to celebrate Christmas with us…
B: Are you doing the whole spiel?
I: Of course. Without a Christmas tree, Christmas carols, cookies,
and presents under the tree, Christmas just isn’t the same for me.
B: But I don’t have any presents to give you.
I: Well, you still have time to shop until the twenty fifth. I’m just kidding.
Presents or no presents, we’d love to have you.
B: OK. Let’s do it. You can count me in.