This is a small village in Russia. Look! There is a farmer with his three sons, Andrei, Sergei and young ivanushka. The farmer is an old man and he works very hard. He wants to give his sons a good life and he wants them to be happy. They are not very rich and they haven't got a big farm.
Andrei and Sergei are very clever, but ivanushka is not as clever as his brothers. The two older sons work in the field and they like wearing nice clothes. But ivanushka is not like his two brothers. He likes to go into the forest and collect mushrooms. When he is at home he spends most of his time sitting on the kitchen stove. Sometimes Andrei and Sergei call him 'Silli Boy'. But ivanushka doesn't mind and he never gets angry. He is a kind young man with a big heart.