Six. (time) late for a date

Antonio: Well, finally.
Jean: Hi, I’m sorry I’m late.
A: You were supposed to be here at seven.
Where were you? I was worried.
J: I’m sorry, but the bus was twenty minutes late.
A: I understand, but now we’re late for the seven-fifteen show.
J: Sorry!
A: That’s OK. The next show starts at nine-thirty.
J: What time is it now?
A: No watch! No wonder you’re always late! It’s twenty to eight.
J: Well, we have almost two hours to kill.
How about dinner before the movie? Are you hungry?
A: Now that you mention it, yes.
J: How about pizza?
A: I’d rather have Mexican food.
J: Fine, my treat.
A: I like that. You can be late more often.