Star trek — heavy lies the crown

Do you remember the episode last June called To Boldly Go…? It was about a group of dedicated Star Trek fans who were making their own Star Trek film. I have just received a message from them to say that the film “Heavy Lies the Crown” will be released on 26 May. You will be able to download it from their website, where there are also lots pictures and other information about the making of the film.
What does the title of the film mean – “Heavy lies the crown”? Well, the title may be an echo of a line in Shakespeare’s play Henry IV, where the king complains that the responsibilities of state lie heavily on him so that he cannot sleep – “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.” Or it may be a reference to a line in a song by Limp Bizkit “Heavy is the head that wears the crown”. Or maybe it is something completely different.
Some of you are probably shaking your heads and thinking that the English truly are mad. (“Ils sont foux, ces anglais” as Asterix used to say). Only the English could spend several years making a Star Trek tribute film in their kitchens. Well, let me tell you something. The lads and lassies who have made the new film are from Scotland – which is a deeply wonderful country, but it is not England. So go easy on those national stereotypes!