Stories about famous people

Charlie Chaplin was at the party. He was asked to perform some of his best things. To the guests’ surprise he sang a very difficult opera aria. When it was over, one of the guests cried out: “Wonderful! I did not know that you could sing so beautifully!” “Oh, no,” said Chaplin with a smile, “I was just imitating a famous singer I heard at La Scala last night, that’s all”.

When Bernard Shaw was a young critic, he was invited as a guest to a family party. When he came into the room, the daughter of the host was playing the piano. “I was told that you are fond of music”, she said very sweetly, turning round to the visitor. “I am”, answered Show, “but never mind! Go on playing.”

Jonathan Swift, a famous English writer, was traveling one day on horseback with his servant. The weather was bad, it was raining, and the roads were muddy. In the evening the two men came to an inn. Before going to bed the servant was told to clean the boots. But the servant was lazy and did not do it. In the morning Swift asked the servant why the boots had not been cleaned. “What’s the use cleaning boots now?” said the servant. “The roads are muddy, and boots will soon be dirty again.” “All right,” said the writer. “Let’s go. Our journey must be continued.” “But I haven’t had breakfast,” said the displeased servant. “Well, what’s the use giving you breakfast now?” said Swift. “You will soon be hungry again.”