Story "he saved his life"

The French king Loise Xl had an Italian astrologer whose name was Martius Galeotti. One day the king asked him: 'You say that the stars tell you everything, and that you know the hour of every man's death. But did they also tell you the hour of your own death? Do you know when you will die?" "What shall I answer him?" thought the astroliger. "If I say that I shall live long, the king will kill me just to prove that the stars do not say the truth." Then he remembered that the king was himself afraid of death and he used this fact. "Yes, I can determine the hour of my death, but it is necessary to connect it with another man's death",he said. "I do not understand your answer, Martius. What do you mean?" "Know then, oh king," said Martius, "that my death will take place exactly twenty-four hours before yours". Since that time the king never discussed that question again.