Supernatural 1×13 subtitles

What the?!
We can bypass that construction just east of here.
We might even make pennsylvania faster than we thought.
Problem is we're not going to pennsylvania.
Wait… what?
I just got a call from an old friend.
Her father was killed last night.
She thinks it might be our kind of thing.
Come on. You coming or what?
By "old friend," you mean…
A friend that's not new.
Yeah, thanks.
So, her name's cassie, huh?
You never mentioned her.
Didn't i? No.
Yeah, we went out. You mean you dated someone?
For more than one night?
Am i speaking a language you're not getting here?
Dad and i were working a job in athens, ohio.
She was finishing up college. We went out for a couple weeks.
But it kind of sounds like a standard car accident.
I'm not seeing how it fits with what we do.
Which, by the way, how does she know what we do?
You told her. You told her the secret.
Our big family rule number one…
We do what we do and we shut up about it.
And you tell her everything?
Yeah, looks like.
Not a bulletin for the mayor's office.
Get off your soapbox, jimmy.
I'm urging a little discretion is all.
And what you want us to sit on.
I know you're upset, cassie.
I liked your dad a lot.
But i think your grief is clouding your judgment.
In the same way in three weeks.
Jimmy, you're too close to this.
Those guys were friends of yours.
Again, i'm very sorry for your loss.
Hey, cassie.
This is my brother, sam.
I'm sorry about your dad.
Yeah, me, too.
My mother's in pretty bad shape.
I've been staying with her.
I wish she wouldn't go off by herself.
She's been snervous and frightened.
She was worried about dad.
He was scared.
He was seeing things.
Like what?
He swore he saw an awful-Looking black truck following him.
A truck? Who was the driver?
He didn't talk about a driver, just the truck.
He said it would appear and disappear.
Like it had been slammed into by something big.
Now, you're sure this dent wasn't there before?
He sold cars, always drove a new one.
There wasn't a scratch on that thing.
It had rained hard that night. There was mud everywhere.
Leading right…
To the edge where he went over.
One set of tracks… his.
And the first person killed was a friend of your father's?
Best friend… clayton solmes.
They owned a car dealership together.
Same thing… dent, no tracks.
And the cops said exactly what they said about dad…
Can you think of why your father and partner might be targets?
You think this vanishing truck ran him off the road?
When you say it aloud like that…
Or whatever it is you guys are into.
If i remember, i think you said i was nuts.
That was then.
So i called you.
Mom. Where have you been?
I had no idea you'd invited friends over.
And his brother, sam.
Well, l-L-L-I won't interrupt you.
Mrs. Robinson? Hmm?
We're sorry for your loss.
We'd like to talk to you for a minute, if you don't mind.
I'm really not up to that just now.
Dd: Jimmy meant something to this town.
He was one of our best.
It won't be the same without him.
Our best seem to be dropping like flies.
Clayton, my father, jimmy.
What is it exactly you want me to do?
Well, how about closing this section of road for starters?
Close the main road, the only road in and out of town?
Accidents happen, cassie. That's what they are… accidents.
To see if it was pushed?
Who's this?