Surprise! it's your wedding

"Good night, John."
"Good night, Lynn."

 Lynn Millington kissed her boyfriend good night. He walked to his car and drove away. Lynn walked into her house. It was midnight. Her parents were sleeping, and the house was quiet. Lynn sat down on the sofa. She had a problem, and she needed some time to think.

Lynn's boyfriend was John Biggin. John loved Lynn, and Lynn loved John. They were very happy together. What was the problem? Lynn wanted to get married. John wanted to get married, too, but he was afraid.

Sometimes Lynn and John talked about getting married. "Let's get married in June," Lynn said. "June is a beautiful month for a wedding."

"June?" John asked. "This June? Let's not get married in June. Let's wait a little longer."

Lynn waited…and waited. She was very patient. She was patient, but she wanted to get married. Lynn's parents wanted her to get married, too; they liked John. John's parents also wanted them to get married because they liked Lynn. Suddenly Lynn had an idea. "John's parents will help me!" she thought.

The next morning, Lynn called John's parents. "I need your help," Lynn told them. " John wants to get married, but he's afraid. Let's plan a wedding for John and me. It will be this Saturday. Invite your family. But don't tell John about the wedding."

Next, Lynn called Bob Raper. Bob was John's best friend. " I need your help," Lynn told Bob. "Tell John that you're getting married this Saturday. Invite him to your wedding."

Bob wasn't really getting married on Saturday. It was a trick. John and Lynn were getting married on Saturday, but John didn't know it.

On Saturday morning, John put on his best suit. Then he drove to the courthouse in Bridlington,England. He walked into the courthouse and looked around. He saw his friend Bob. He saw his girlfriend, Lynn. Then he saw his parents, relatives, and friends. He saw Lynn's family and friends. Suddenly John understood. This was not Bob's wedding! This was John's wedding! John began to shake, but he didn't run away. Twenty minutes later, John and Lynn were husband and wife.

After the wedding, a photographer took pictures of John and Lynn. In one picture, John is pretending to punch Lynn. He is pretending that he is angry. John is not really angry; he is smiling. Lynn, of course, is smiling, too.

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