Tale about a little mouse

The story began when the little Mouse lost her home. The scaring Cat kicked her out of the hole where she had lived for many years. Her neighbors were old granny and her niece. All the time she had very various food like cheese, milk, beans and fodder for the parrots. One day the Mouse even managed to grab a piece of chocolate from the table.
But then she had no place to go, so she decided to travel abroad to live with her relatives at the other continent.
Next day the Mouse came to the seaport and made a fleet. She put it into the water and found suitable ship with a cargo. The Mouse penetrated at the board and hidden between potters with some tasty goods.
When the ship left harbor the Mouse came out. She saw a lot of glassware with grain, cocoa, figs, sugar, different spices, vine and flour.
Till the end of the journey she was enjoying these pretty treats. As ship stopped, the Mouse put as mush food as she could into the bag and pulled it to her relatives.
Her brothers and sisters, parents and grandparents were very happy to see her even without treats.
The Mouse found a new hole in a new house without cats and lived for a long time very merrily.