Taxi driver

Passenger: Could you take me please to Rooti Street?
Taxi: Yes. Do you want me to start the meter?
Passenger: How much will it cost without it?
Taxi: 25 Dollars.
Passenger: Can you estimate how much the meter will show?
Taxi: Are you kidding?
Passenger: I was hoping you would give me an answer.
Taxi: Well, I estimate it be 25 Dollars…
Passenger: Ok, I had it coming. Start the meter.
Taxi: No problem sir. So how was your day?
Passenger: It was fi… wait, take the freeway, it will be faster!
Taxi: Not at this hour sir, it's almost rush hour.
Passenger: I live here! I think I know when rush hour is. Please take take the freeway.
Taxi: Ok, it's your time and the meter is running.
Passenger: Don't worry about my time. You worry about driving safely.
Taxi: Don't' worry about that, I'm the safety driver in the whole city. I got a safety badge from the mayor the himself just last week.
Passenger: Really? I didn't know you guys were being checked.
Taxi: Don't start with that! They check on us about every thing; if we have name tag, if the 'TAXI' sign is clear and even if the windshield is clear or not. It's hell being a taxi driver here.
Passenger: Wow, I didn't know that. Why don't you come and work for me?
Taxi: What do you mean?
Passenger: I need a driver.
Taxi: How's the hours and pay?
Passenger: It's an eight hour job, I pay 15 Dollars per hour.
Taxi: 15? When do I start?