Ten. (likes and dislikes) dining our

Sean: This seems like a nice place.
Carol: I hope the food is good.
Waitress: Good evening! How are you tonight?
S: Fine, thanks.
W: Our specials tonight are a beef casserole with mushrooms for ten ninety-five
and a fresh salmon in garlic sauce for twelve ninety-five.
Would you like something to drink first?
S: Yes, please. We’d like a bottle of dry white wine.
W: Is a Chardonnay OK?
S: Yes, that sounds good.
W: Do you need a minute to look at the menus?
S: Yes, please.
W: OK. I’ll be right back with your wine.
S: Do you know what you want?
C: No, I’m not quite sure yet. What about you?
S: The fish special sounds great.
W: Here is your wine. What can I get you to eat?
S: I’d like the salmon special.
W: And you, ma’am?
C: I’d like the grilled chicken breast and a large spinach salad to start.
W: Good choice. The chicken is delicious! Anything else?
C: Not at the moment, thanks.