The businessman

Mr. Kane was a rough but successful businessman. Ten years ago, he started a small business. One day his son, Peter, came to him and said that he wanted to be a businessman like his father. Mr. Kane told him that you had to be tough to succeed in business. He wanted Peter to go to university and become a lawyer, a teacher, or a doctor. However, his son was stubborn and refused. He only wanted to be a businessman and urged his father to help him.
"Please, Dad. Teach me how to be a successful businessman.”
Reluctantly, Mr. Kane agreed to his son's request.
"Okay, Peter. First of all I want you to walk down to the wall at the bottom of the garden." Peter looked at his father and said,
"But what has that got to do with business, dad?"
"Don't ask questions. Trust me and do what I say," he replied.
Peter was puzzled but he walked to the wall. His father continued,
"Now climb up the ladder and stand on top of the wall."
Again Peter protested,
“But I don't see how this will help me to be a businessman."
"Don't ask questions. Trust me and do what I say," Mr. Kane said.
Peter climbed up the ladder and stood on top of the wall. It was six metres high and Peter felt his legs begin to shake.
"Now. Jump down into the garden," his father said.
"But I can't. I'll injure myself," Peter protested.
"Do you want to become a successful businessman or not?”
"Yes, of course," Peter cried.
"Then trust me. I know what I am doing. Jump!"
Peter jumped into the garden and broke both his legs.
As he screamed in pain his father came over to him and said,
“Son, always remember that the first rule in business is — NEVER TRUST ANYBODY.”