The darkness with in the light

"Go to your room little loud mouth bitch" my dad used to say. He would hit till i bled. i run up to my room without saying one word, cause i knew if i spoke i would get hit again. I almost never talk to anyone anymore. Crap I left my backpack down stairs i thought to myself. "Little bitch come and get your backpack!" I rush down stairs to grab it. He took me from behind and grabbed my neck throws me across the room and hit the wall.bleeding already i get up grab my stuff and run up stairs. I lock my door. pounding on the door my dad threatens me with a knife.I fall asleep crying.
10 years have passed and i am now 18 with all bruses and scars i did when i was 8. I walk around the school, something catches my eye.Devin sturs was starring at me like he liked me. I smile back. He turns to his locker grabs his books and walk away. I go to my class. after school I go home and I go straight up stairs lock my door and do my home work. Devin and me fell in love after 2 years just randomly talking to each other. One night I go home and my dad is drunk he hits twice,three, four times now. After he was done hitting me i grab a knife without him noticing i went to my room with it. i stood there crying for a few mins. and plunged the knife in my chest.
Everything went black……