The difficulties of a foreign language

There are numerous jokes about the difficulties of people travelling in foreighn countries without any knowledge of the language of that country. Here's the story of a Frenchman travelling in the United States who, while eating in a restaurant, wished to order some mushrooms. Unable to make himself understood, he asked for a pencil and paper and carefully drew a picture of a mushrooms. His drawing, however, was not too good, for the puzzled waiter returned in about ten minutes, not with an order of mushrooms, but with a large man's umbrella.
Another similar story concerns two Americans travelling Spain. They were both unable to speak a word of Spanish and one day, while eating in a restaurant in a small village, they were having consideranle difficulty in explaining to the waiter what they wanted. One of them wanted a glass of milk. The waiter seemed unable to understand. Finally, on the back of the menu the man drew a picture of a cow. The poor waiter, however, still seemed puzzled. Finally he left and was gone from the restaurant for half an hour or so. He returned very pleased with himself. There were two tickets for a bullfight in his hand.