The first tv soap opera

The first TV Soap Opera appeared on American television just after the Second World War. Its name was Faraway Hill and it began on 2nd October 1946. A famous Broadway actress, Flora Campbell, played Karen St.John, a rich New York woman who went to live with her relatives in the country after her husband died. She soon met a handsome young farmer, and of cource the two immediately fell in love. Unfortunately, the farmer was already engaged to Karen's cousin, who know nothing about the relationship. When she found out, things got very, very difficult for Karen. The producers of Faraway Hill had very little money – each programme cost only $300 – so they made them as quickly as possible. Because there was no time for the actors to learn their words each week, assistants wrote them on blackboards. Because of this, they often looked into the distance with a strange, romantic expression on their faces … as they read their words from the boards on the other side of the studio!