The free ticket

Allison Lumsden lived by herself in a small house. One day she received a letter. When she opened the letter there was a cinema ticket inside. There was also a note in the letter. It said,
“Here is a free ticket to the cinema on Saturday night. Enjoy yourself.”
However there was no name with the letter. Allison decided to telephone her friends to find out who sent her the present. First of all she called her father.
"Dad. Did you send me a cinema ticket?"
"No," he replied. "Perhaps it was your brother."
Allison called her brother.
"Andrew. Did you send me a cinema ticket?"
"No." he replied. "Perhaps it was Roberta."
Roberta was Allison's best friend so she rang her.
"Roberta. Did you send me a cinema ticket?"
"No." she replied.
Allison phoned all her friends but none of them had sent her the ticket. She decided to phone the manager of the cinema.
"My name is Allison Lumsden. I received a free ticket for your cinema on Saturday night. Did you send it to me?"
"No," said the manager.
Allison was puzzled. On Saturday night she did not know what to do bur then she decided to use the ticket. She put on her coat and went to the cinema. It was a good film and she enjoyed herself. When she got home she was very surprised. There was note on the front door of her house. It said,
“I have taken your TV, your video and your jewellery. Now you know who sent you the ticket.”