The geographical position of ukraine

Ukraine is situated in the eastern part of Europe. It borders on Russia
in the east, Belorussia in the north, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania
and Moldova in the west. Ukraine is washed by the Sea of Azov and the
Black Sea in the south. The area of Ukraine is more than 603 thousand
square kilometers. The most part of its area is flat. There are the
Crimean Mountains in the south and the Carpathians in the west.

The territory of our country lies in three main zones: mixed forests,
forest-steppes and steppes. The flora and fauna of our country are
extremely rich. The nature of Ukraine is especially beautiful. There are
131 rivers in Ukraine. The longest rivers are the Dniester, the Donets,
the Bug. The rivers of Ukraine are navigable. There are more than three
hundred cities and towns in Ukraine. The biggest of them are Kharkiv,
Donetsk, Dniepropetrovsk, Lviv. Odessa, Mikolayiv, Kherson, Kerch are
the most important ports of Ukraine. The capital of Ukraine is Kyiv. It
is an administrative, industrial, scientific and cultutal centre.
Ukraine is rich in mineral resources: coal, oil, gas. different ores.
Some of them are of industrial importance. Ukraine is a developed
industrial country. Ukraine produces up-to-date instruments, electronic
microscopes, synthetic diamonds. Ukraine is an agricultural country. Its
soil is fertile. The geographical position of Ukraine is favourable for
maintaining close economic relations with many European countries.