The ghostly galleon

Harmony lived with her mother at the very bottom of the ocean.
They were so poor they could only afford a tiny cave. This was cramped, dark and very cold. It froze their fins and took the shine off their scales.
Harmony tried to keep up their spirits by singing beautiful songs. Her voice was so enchanting that passing fish had to stop and listen.
One day, Harmony's mother woke up shivering all over. She was covered in blue spots and her tongue had turned purple.
Harmony rushed to find Dr. Finley.
"Your mother is very sick," he whispered to Harmony. "The only cure is polkadot seaweed, taken twice a day for one week."
"Where can I find that?" asked Harmony.
"That's the problem," replied Dr. Finley. "It only grows in the Pirates' Graveyard."
"Oh no," gasped Harmony. Not that spooky place full of sunken pirate ships?"
"I'm afraid so," replied the doctor.
"They say it's haunted by the ghost of Gingerbeard," said Harmony with a shiver. "He was the fiercest pirate to sail the Seven Seas."
The thought of visiting the graveyard filled Harmony with fear, but she had no choice.
Minutes later, she was swimming nervously between the creepy wrecks.
Harmony searched countless ships without luck. She had almost given up hope, when she saw something spotty sticking out of a rusty old cannon.
Suddenly, a terrifying figure appeared from nowhere.


Harmony yelped in fright. It was Gingerbeard's ghost.
"Come to steal my treasure, eh?" snarled the pirate.
"No," cried Harmony. "I just need the polkadot weed to cure my mother."
"I don't believe you," cackled Gingerbeard. He grabbed Harmony roughly and locked her in a cabin.
"No one gets their hands on my gold," screamed the ghost. With that, he shimmered off to patrol the top deck.
Harmony felt terrible. She tried to cheer herself up by singing, but all her songs came out sounding sad.
Harmony's lovely voice floated around Gingerbeard's ship. No matter where he went, the pirate could hear her.
However hard he tried, Gingerbeard couldn't drag himself away from the mermaid's tunes.
As each day passed, he began to feel as sorry for Harmony as a tough old pirate can.
After a week of the singing, Gingerbeard had had enough.
"I can't take any more!" he sobbed. "Please just go home and take this chest with you."
Harmony swam home as fast as she could and opened the chest.
Polkadot weed floated out, along with handfuls of coins.
Harmony's mother was cured and, thanks to Gingerbeard's gold, they moved into a warm and cosy new cave.